Seek questions not answers.

Lots of people seek answers but not many seek questions. The level of questions do determine the level of your success, not necessarily only monetary but a spiritual or personal success.

However, we all know the only stupid question is the question you don’t ask. If you learn to ask insightful questions you would definitely get better perspectives.

Here are some questions to live by:

Who would be able to help me today if I had asked?

You won’t get it if you don’t ask for it; as simple as that.

How can I deliver more value to the people / customers / society?

Innovation is the key to the success of your product. In order to constantly provide more value to your customers, you would keep improving yourself / your product.

How would I react to it if it had happened to me in the future?

Imagine, a wiser yourself, an experienced yourself, yourself from the future. Would you react to it, the way you are reacting now? Would you be worried about it then as you are worried about it now? Or would you rather be using your wisdom and experience to tackle it in a smoother way.

Ask questions to others and to yourself, all the time. You are not asking enough unless your teachers are annoyed the hell out of you.

You will see points you would have otherwise missed and helps you make better decisions.

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