There’s no use running if you’re on the wrong road.

We all are running, somewhere. Are we running because we are supposed to run? Did someone else tell you to run? Or are you just running for the sake of running?

To be honest, it doesn’t really take long to stop for a moment and look around.

Yes, it’s scary. Changes are frightful, difficult and challenging.

But then again, would you rather run fruitlessly for hours on a wrong path?

Perhaps, it’s not that bad to sit quietly in a room or ask for a direction.

Scaling is overrated (at least in the early stages).

Aiming too high could be as risky as aiming too low.

It doesn’t mean you should stop dreaming but you also need chase the dream with your actions.

Nobody began with a million users. Everybody in the world had one customer to begin with and it’s better if the customer was a paying one.

(Not a lot of startups have the luxury of first ever customer paying in in Cash.)

While thinking of millions of people, focus your attention to your first few customers. When you make those customers happy, they will tell their friends your story.

Story spreads faster than your marketing strategies and gimmicks; because stories are about emotions, hearts, and lives. Stories are easier to talk about than your sets of new features and your latest technology.

Now go and find similar customers to make them smile. One at a time.

You can’t succeed by worrying about the future

Dance like no one’s watching. Sing like no one’s listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt.

We’ve heard these plenty of times.

Future is far. Future is unknown. The only way you can shape the future is by focusing on the present.

The dancer indulges in dancing without worrying if she looks graceful. Her concern is just to be focussed in the steps she needs to take. One step at a time. One turn at a time. One gesture at a time. All of those steps, gestures combined takes shape of something beautiful we all appreciate.

Many times you fail to appreciate beautiful moments because you are too worried about the future.

Similarly, in the battle, if you are worried about your survival, you won’t be able to focus on fighting. Someone else more focussed will surely defeat you. So head into the battle without expecting to survive. Face everyone without a fear. That’s how you stand alive.

How are you doing in the battle of your life? Are you too busy planning your escape route in the future?

Seize the present moment, the future will take care of itself.

Love what you do.

Market Research for #HotTab on Foursquare

You are lucky if you “do what you love”. But what if you tried to “love what you do”?

Love is unconditional & powerful.

  • We love our customers because they buy our product. OR
  • We love our customers, and sometimes we do transactions with them.

Love enables you to be more caring. People hardly complain about a caring person, brand, organisation. In today’s world, with all the competition and information, it’s hard to succeed by focusing on the money your customers pay you. There will always be a cheaper, smarter solution.

Similarly, if we all can fall in love with building better product, solving problems, creating value and getting things done that matters, we would get more effective.

At #HotTab we love what we do. Perhaps, a bit more like “obsessed”.

It’s not easy, it was never meant to be…

It’s not easy to sacrifice your salary for nothing.

It’s not easy to think outside the box.

It’s not easy to change the shape of a traditional product.

It’s not easy to have a paying customer in six months from the idea stage.

It’s not easy to say no to an offer of a pile of cash from somebody.

It wasn’t easy for Buddha to sacrifice his palace in search of happiness.

Nothing worth mentioning was ever easy in life.

Do you want it easy or do you want to make your life worth living?

It should never be about result but the act

A person who approaches the sales pitches expecting to close the sales gets disappointed most of the time.  With every failed deals he gets frustrated, angry. If it continues, he starts getting humiliated loosing self-confidence.

It might be because from early on in our lives, we were taught to associate winning with pleasure. Winning generates great feeling and provides satisfaction. The desire to win keeps growing.

It’s time to unlearn. What you do, how you act matters more than what the outcomes of your actions are. Only your actions are under your control. You can never choose the outcomes.

The decision maker might be in pressure from his shareholders. His organisation might have different priorities at the moment but could be willing to get back to your proposal in near future. They might need more time to understand their own problems. It’s not personal.

Focus on doing the best, focus on the greater good. You will be surprised with your results. Don’t we all know the best relationships are the ones without expectations?

It’s not team building, it’s sharing passion together

One of my friends, a startup founder; asked me the other day “How to find my CTO?”

Another friend today asked me “How do you get people to work for you for next to nothing?”

Both of the questions have problems. Team building is not about fulfilling positions or finding people to work for you.

If you are expecting people to work for you, they will in return ask for benefits, salaries. It’s simple, you asked them to give you something, their effort & time, their work. They will definitely ask you for something as tangible and current.

Similarly, if you are looking to fill a current and tangible position, it needs to be exchanged with something equal.

Fulfilling a goal requires passion not position. Fortunately, passion and happiness multiply by sharing.

When you can share and have more of it, why do you want to pay and shrink?

You have the choice and remember you don’t want a prostitute but a girlfriend.

You choose your own destiny

Choose your teammates.

Choose your solution.

Choose your customers.

Choose your investors.

And you wonder why you can’t succeed.

In desperation you choose the easiest shortcut. Desperation blinds you.

Every moment you are making choice for your destiny, your destination, your goal.

Most satisfying journeys are usually the long and challenging ones. Go make a choice!