Emails & Group Chats aren’t great for communication.

As soon as #HOTTAB (my previous startup) started having more than 20-15 team members, group chats had too many messages to keep up with. We relied more on face to face communication which wasn’t the efficient use of our time. It required us to be present either in person or on the phone blocking us from doing anything else. There’s never a five minute one to one, never. And when you need to involve the team, it’s never less than 20-30 minutes.

Instant communication with reaction

Transparency is absolutely crucial for communication.

Transparency in communication amongst your team members and departments are absolutely important. The sales department needs to know what’s happening with the product development. The product team needs to know the customer support issues.

You can’t just rely on weekly meetings. Many challenges / issues are better when they are handled immediately. At least it allows the team members be ready to tackle the issues in time.

And for a startup team to effectively deliver, the project goals need to be understood by all the team members. The tasks to reach those goals need to be defined and challenges transparently communicated.

Thus, communication, moreover the lack of; creates a lot of problem in a team. The rather traditional forms of communication like emails are too slow and one cannot gauze the emotional aspect as such. People can’t react to email without needing to write a formal reply which mars the crucial initial reactions or emotions.

Group Chats are time consuming and emails are slow.

Group Chats, the other popular form of communication channel, allows for immediate reaction but are too time consuming. They are tiring also, as you have to read every line written in 10’s of those group chats you are member of.

So the email and group chats don’t allow the leaders and managers of the team to engage properly with the rest of team risking understanding of vision and goals.

A team without proper vision and focused goal might as well just try to pull the cart in six different directions.

WePost has a solution.

That’s why at WePost we believe challenges of communication is a problem worth solving.

Do you agree with these problems?

Next we shall discuss how WePost creates an unique communication solution for your team members in this social media age.

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