Decisions; too, can be changed.

“Everytime, I come to you to confirm the old requirements; you give me new changes”, my project manager protests.

Changes are inevitable.

The order screen on the consumer app was too congested especially with the addition of the calendar to allow users to select their preferred days for pre-orders. There were few unnecessary elements on the UI and the formatting needed some improvements as well.

Changes might delay the delivery of the product, but changes are inevitable. It’s the law of the nature as the water heats up to change into steam to form clouds and forming solid ice in the cold atmosphere and eventually falling down as liquid. Similarly, what you thought could work might look clunky once UI is designed.

So if changes are inevitable, how do we manage to ship in time and still accommodate the necessary changes?

The key to this lies in decision making. We cannot possibly get everything right the first time. We cannot possibly come up with perfect solution. Perfection doesn’t exist.

So, make a decision knowing it could be a wrong decision and move on. If it was a wrong decision you will know when you experience the outcome. At that time, you can make another decision and correct your previous one.

Don’t wait for complete information to make the decision. Decisions can also be changed. 😉

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