A desperate need for a new approach to F&B tech platforms.

Restaurants; to be honest, do not make enough for the amount of hard work they put in. Tech companies; so far, only seem to be interested in building their bottomline at the expense of the businesses.

At up to 25% commissions for online ordering services, the restaurants end up making close to 0% in profits which mostly discourage the business owners but still need those services to stay relevant.

At #HOTTAB we initially thought of solving this problem by introducing a platform to allow merchants receive orders for free and they could pay for the advanced features.

This approach allowed us to build a platform (at https://sopa.asia); in its true sense, that supports the merchants by not charging them the commissions on orders and merchants support the platform by purchasing add on features.

Win win for the merchants and platform builders and consumers benefit with more economic choices.

Now, how would the platform gather the consumer mass is topic for next post. 😉

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